Tuesday, May 20, 2008

In Memoriam: Edi Sis

Last weekend came with a very sad news. My friend Bahtiar Fitanto from Malang phoned me and informed: “Edi Sis has passed away…, traffic accident in Pasuruan.”

I was shocked. Speechless.

New friend, old friend

I know Edi Sis well during my two years service at USAID-LGSP (Local Governance Support Program). We are in different office. I work at Jakarta national office while Edi is under East Java regional office management as district coordinator for Probolinggo. I met him in several trainings for district coordinators –included communication and public relations training-- where I also involved as a facilitator. It didn’t take long time to make us a good friend. We feel like two old friends.

Edi (centre) and I interviewed Gus Dudung, 2007

He has high interest in improving his writing skill. When East Java office asked us for further training, February 2007, I met him again. Along with all regional office staff, Edi learned how to writing and taking photograph better. And he had proved that it’s useful. That was Edi, who with Bahtiar sent us our first lessons learned story about participatory planning.

We had good time together especially when we visited Probolinggo for about three days to see the progress of LGSP programs. Edi accompanied us to met with several people included the chairman of local house of representatives, head of planning development agency, NGO leaders and small-medium enterprises (SME). During the visit, I realised how he really mastering his work. Edi has close relationship with all local persons, a good lobbyist as well. He easily arranged personal meeting for us with the chairman and head of planning agency. The unforgettable moment was when he brought us to Pesantren Zainul Hasan, Genggong-Pajarakan where the leader, M. Baidhuri Faisal a.k.a Gus Dudung welcomed us warmly. We interviewed Gus Dudung about participatory planning approach that has been implemented in his school.

We also spent several hours to visit Mt. Bromo (2,392 metres above the sea level). In the early morning, we ride horse in the middle of sand oceans then enthusiastically climbed Bromo while in the right side the Mt Batok (2,440 metres height) watched us. I short word, we really enjoyed the time.

With team at Mt. Bromo. A great memory with Edi (left)

Another thing made us closer was that Edi can speak Sundanese language as his wife is from West Java. Sometimes we talked in this local language; something made some of team members teased us. And I met him for the last time in good governance meeting in Batu, Malang, August 2007.

Life is too short for him, a good guy. But his wife along with two kids and all families must be proud of Edi. He leaves golden footprints behind. We’ll always remember him.

Good bye, Mas…

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Bob McKerrow said...

Losing close friends is always hard but then be pleased you had such quality time together. I am sure you will both meet again.