Friday, July 11, 2008

Me vs Liver: 0-1 (final score)

Last week was really a nightmare for me. Since 1990, I have never been hospitalized for any health problems. But last Monday, I was finally defeated by the disease and was hospitalized for three days at Karya Bakti Hospital, Bogor.

Initial diagnosis: hepatitis. Really frightened me. The result later showed it was not. But as doctor said: "You have problem with your liver. Not too serious, but you must be careful from now," doctor warned.

So, now I'm back to work. But this will always haunt me. I understand now how valuable the healthy is (when you're sick).

Total in three days:
intravenous infusion fluid = 9 bottles; anti vomit fluid = 6 sacks

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fuadi said...

semoga kembali sehat walafiat bro