Monday, July 28, 2008


She is Sumaryanti. Call her Yanti. I met her two weeks ago at Erasmus Huis, Kuningan Jakarta in the launching of the Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) book: Stories of Hope: Back Alive. This book contains 29 stories of disable people who received psychosocial support from PMI.

Yanti came from Yogyakarta with Kartini, a PMI’s psychosocial support programme (PSP) volunteer. “We just arrived last night, I’m actually still tired,” she admitted. But Yanti couldn’t hide her enthusiasm about the event. PMI invited Yanti to share her experience as a survivor from the disaster and how she accepted the condition she couldn’t avoid.

Yanti, accompanied by Kartini, is sharing her experiences

Before the Yogyakarta earthquake, Yanti worked as a salesgirl at Malioboro mall, Yogyakarta city. But the disaster has changed everything. Her spinal injury left her wheelchair-bound. As Yanti told in the book, in the beginning she used to cry a lot about her misfortune. “It took one year for me to recover my spirit,” Yanti remembered. Tear drops falling from her eyes.

PMI through its psychosocial support programme –supported by the Netherland Red Cross- provided assistance to help start disabled people’s live over and to self sustaining. Yanti was one of them. After attending meetings with other disabled people, she rediscovered her enthusiasm for life.

Signing the cover of Stories of Hope book

During group activities, PMI volunteers in provided her with suggestion on producing various small saleable items, such as key chains. Yanti was lucky because she studied dressmaking in high school, so she decided to start producing sewn souvenirs. She also runs a small business selling credit vouchers for mobile phones at her home.

“I hope other disabled people like me in Yogya could also receive the same support from PMI,” Yanti said.


Bob McKerrow said...

Dear Husein

This is a great story about a wonderful woman. Keep up the fine writing.


Hani said...

turut mendo'akan keinginan yanti

apa kabar mad? semoga hepatitisnya ga kambuh2 lai ya :)